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A white bathroom with bathtub, shower, and sink with dark color accents

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Bathrooms need to be relaxing and welcoming but also function at 100% at all times. Many of our customers came to us because they knew we could make that happen.

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Your changing needs are at the front and center of what we do. We know renovations can be stressful, which is why we aim to minimize the pressure put on you and your family. You’ll get regular walkthroughs and guidance at all times during your project.

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Our Customers love their Premium Remodels!


Jessica Tran


They came, they saw and they conquered. After a two year search and dealing with 6 different companies we were very frustrated and nearly gave up. 

A good friend introduced us to Ace Bath. From the minute they walked through the door, we felt comfortable and confident they were the right one. 

We were fortunate to have Nam on the job. He is highly skilled, very professional and has a winning personality.

The job was completed on time, on budget and surpassed my expectations. We are thrilled to bits and highly recommend Ace Bath!


Sandra Cunningham​


Having to retrofit your parents home to provide them with some much needed independence can be extremely stressful! Ace Bath made the process that much easier

Nam and his crew have a true passion for their business and work together as a great team.  

They understood the needs, worked hard and worked fast. They are customer-oriented and put clients satisfaction first and will go above and beyond to ensure this. We enjoyed working with Ace Bath. 

We love the new bathroom and sincerely recommend Ace Bath!

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Type Of Upgrades And Materials

There are a lot of upgrades that go into a bathroom renovation project. And all these upgrades come in various materials.

Because it can be overwhelming to decide what’s suited for your new bath, Ace Bath will be your guide during the process.

You’ll have a breakdown of each material and its cost at the in-house consultation. 

Let’s look at the five most common upgrades.

Upgrading vanities or adding cabinets for extra storage is a popular upgrade in most bathroom renovations. The reason behind this is simple – vanities often set the entire vibe of your new space.

For vanities (and all types of cabinetry for that matter) we recommend plywood boxes and medium density fiberboard (MDF) for doors and faces. Plywood is a reliable material that can sustain a lot of weight, and MDF is great because it takes paint very well, so you can easily refinish it.

Although not both are necessary, a lot of our customers in Vaughan love upgrading their bathtub and adding a glass-shower as well.

For bathtubs, common materials include porcelain, acrylic, fiberglass, enameled cast iron, or cast polymer (cultured marble, granite, or onyx). Porcelain enameled steel is an especially great option, also inexpensive.

For showers, we recommend acrylic shower walls because they’re resistant to mold or moisture damage. They’re durable, resistant to scratches, stains, and chips, and they require very little maintenance. They’re also among the most affordable options.

Porcelain, ceramic, fiberglass, or natural stone are other possible options for the shower surround.

Many bathroom issues start from water damage, and the first place water will get is under your flooring. Naturally, many bathroom remodels will involve flooring replacement.

At Ace Bath, we recommend tile flooring for all our customers. These can be porcelain, ceramic, granite, marble, limestone, or various other materials. We specifically like porcelain.

Another popular option for flooring is luxury vinyl tile (or planks). These mimic the look of real tiles, are more affordable, and they’re low-maintenance.

Countertops can become a good candidate for the focal point of your bath if you want them to.

Common material options for bathroom countertops are ceramic or porcelain tile counters, solid surface countertops, natural stone counters (like soapstone, granite, marble), concrete countertops, or, our favorite, quartz countertop.

We recommend quartz because it brings great quality at an affordable price. They have great resale value, they’re more resistant to stains, chips, or cracks than most materials, and are available in many sizes and shapes.

Your sink and toilet are bathroom essentials. Upgrading them is a great and inexpensive way to improve the looks and functionality of your new space.

Most popular material choices for sinks and toilets are porcelain. This material is tough, inexpensive, and easy to maintain. More upscale options for your sink include glass, copper, natural stone, or acrylic.

In addition to materials, the type of your new sink will have a huge impact on your bath.

Drop-in and undermount sinks are the most popular ones. Other common types of sinks are vessel sinks, wall-mounted sinks, and pedestal sinks.

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Nothing Should Stop You

This bath renovation in Vaughan was initially a bathtub to shower conversion to make better use of the bath’s space. After further inspection, our customer realized he wanted more.

We had to work with a 6 x 7 ft room (a 42 square foot bathroom), so space was limited.

But that didn’t stop us from acing this project. It included:

A bath renovation in Vaughan with a brown vanity and glass shower

This bathroom renovation project was quoted at $17k, and the shower alone was $6k.

If you want to learn more about the bathroom renovation cost in Vaughan, check out our cost page!

Frequently Asked Questions

A small bathroom renovation can come in as cheap as $10k. Mid-range renovations can get up to $20k. And upscale renovation can reach $40k.

Our experts at Ace Bath will ensure you’re getting the best solutions for your home, no matter your budget.

Your bathroom renovation will take about one to two weeks. Depending on the complexity of the project, your timeline can go up to four weeks.

After our in-house consultation we’ll give you an accurate time frame and a precise quote, so you’ll be on top of things at all times.

I’m Nam, the owner of Ace Bath, and I carry a degree in renovation. I manage and lead a team of professional carpenters, plumbers, and electricians, all licensed and insured.

We know the building codes and renovation protocols inside out, so rest assured you’ll get the finest craftsmanship in Vaughan.

You can learn more about Ace Bath’s mission right here!

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